MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and as the name suggests the scanner contains a very strong magnet.  This established diagnostic scanning technique uses the principles of magnetic resonance, therefore no radioactivity or X-rays are used.

The Human body contains large quantities of water molecules which contain hydrogen protons. When the body is placed in the strong magnetic field the randomly moving hydrogen atoms align to the magnetic field.  By using radio waves, of which can be switched on and off, a signal can be obtained from different parts of the body and by using a highly specialised computer, images are obtained.  Kleyn Imaging UK consultant radiologists are specially trained to interpret these images and report on the images to identify abnormal findings, reports are then sent to your referring doctor.

MRI is a very safe diagnostic tool without the need to use X-rays. There are no significant known risks or side effects apart from some safety measures. Our friendly administration team will go through the safety questionnaire with you before confirming your appointment.

To find out more about our MRI service or to book an appointment please contact a member of our professional team.

  • MRI - How to refer
  • Private Procedures

There are 3 ways that a patient may be referred to Kleyn.

  • NHS - A patient may be referred by their GP or Clinician through the NHS route. An appointment will be made through the NHS Choose & Book system or via an alternative route.
  • Private Health Insurance - A patient may choose to be referred through their private health insurance.  Patients must contact their insurer beforehand to check they will cover the cost of the service.
  • Self-pay - Patients may choose to refer and pay for the scan themselves.

Once a referral is made a member of our administration team will contact the patient by phone and provide all necessary pre-scan information and appointment details.  The appointment is then confirmed by SMS, email or letter.  We offer 2 weeks assured scanning and hot reporting with a 1 working day turnaround.

With hundreds of thousands of patients waiting for key diagnostic tests In the NHS, private healthcare offers you the reassurance of a quick and full diagnosis.
Kleyn Imaging specialises in offering UK Consultant Radiologist led diagnostic care including MRI and Ultrasound. 

To enquire about our private healthcare services please contact us directly on / or email to [javascript protected email address].

If you hold private health insurance, you may need to contact your insurer to check that they will cover the cost of the scan, though again please feel free to contact us directly. If you are paying for the scan yourself you will be asked to make a payment at the time of booking your appointment. We accept major debit and credit cards as well as cash and cheques.

Kleyn imaging UK Consultant Radiologists are specially trained to interpret your scan images and report on the scan, which is then sent to your doctor.


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