Digital Radiology (X-ray)

As part of Kleyn Imaging's commitment to patient and referrer services, we will shortly be commissioning CT scanning services and will update the locations of the scans over the coming months ahead.  A CT (computerised tomography) scanner is a HIGHLY specialised kind of X-ray machine. Instead of producing an image from a single direction, the X-ray source is rotated around the patient - acquiring a cross-sectional image from many angles.

X-rays from the beams are detected after they have passed through the body and their strength is measured. Beams that have passed through less dense tissue such as the lungs will be stronger, whereas beams that have been absorbed by denser tissue such as bone will be weaker.

A highly specialised computer then collates this information to work out the relative density of the tissues examined. The computer processes the results, displaying them as a two-dimensional picture shown on a monitor.

Kleyn Imaging’s UK Consultant Radiologists are specially trained to interpret these images and report on the relevant scans, reports are then sent to your referring Doctor.

To find out more about our X-ray service or to book an appointment please contact a member of our professional team.


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